So how are we different?
What else do we do that no one else does?

CDG is unique in its ability to empathise with leisure operators in London. We recognise that operators are not simply in locations to pay the landlords rent but to actually build their business, trade profitably and grow a brand. The wrong operator in the wrong premises always spells disaster and in this scenario nobody benefits. We specialise in putting the right operator - no matter how big or small – in the right building in order to allow long term growth.

It is an all-too-typical scenario that property advisors are not interested in start-up concepts, often viewing them as inferior. CDG Leisure is different. We are proud to have been associated with some of London's most outstanding start up operators who have gone on to great success. When working with new operators we establish which space would be appropriate for them and in which location, ensuring that they do not over commit themselves at an early stage but at the same time ensuring that they get the right presence to make the necessary statement. 

We have specialist knowledge of a niche market and unrivalled relationships with operators of all sizes. This makes us London's primary port of call for landlords to gain access to such operators who are integral to the innovation of the London restaurant scene.