Buy a restaurant

If you are looking to buy a restaurant in London, CDG Leisure is here to help. We are an established team of property leisure specialists and can help you find the right restaurant, in the right location, with the appropriate level of turnover and profit.


We can help with:

  • Finding the best restaurant to purchase
  • Approaching the company
  • Negotiating an offer
  • Closing the deal
  • Legal work
  • Lease restructuring
  • Strategic lease management 


CDG Leisure have a wealth of experience helping clients buy restaurants in London. Based in the centre of London, we are in a prime position to help you buy a restaurant in Soho, Tottenham Court Road, Covent Garden and other surrounding areas.


We already have a close relationship with local landlords and have contacts across finance, recruitment and design and can use our network effectively to make the entire acquisition a success.

Why should I buy a restaurant in London?

London has a fast growing restaurant scene, an emerging population and constant tourism. With a large urban population and tourists due to city breaks, work events, royal engagements and sporting events, London has a good footfall all year around and operators can charge very competitive prices for food and entertainment.


CDG Leisure have worked with established restaurant chains in London and the UK including Bill’s, KFC, Five Guys, KFC, Shake Shack and Wagamama. We can help you every step of the way to buy a restaurant in London and also help you grow. We love working with successful restaurant chains and helping them reach their full potential.

Our services

In addition to helping you buy a restaurant and get the best terms on your agreement, we proudly offer other services to make your business successful.


Our team also specialises in rent reviews and lease restructuring so that you can negotiate favourable terms on renting your premises and get the best margins possible. CDG Leisure is ideally placed to offer clients the best possible advice in order to maximise returns, minimise liabilities and simply get your property working better for you.


Speak to our leisure team today on 020 7100 5520 or send us an email.