Sell a Restaurant

If you are looking to sell a restaurant in London, CDG Leisure can help. Simply give us a call today on 020 7100 5520 or send us an email.


CDG has an established client base with some of the most well-known restaurants and chains in the UK including The Ivy, Subway, Bill’s, Five Guys and KFC. We want to understand your reasons for selling your restaurant business and your objectives. We are dedicated to helping you sell your restaurant within the price range and timeframe required.

We are regularly in contact with buyers who may be looking to purchase a premises like yours. If you have very specific requirements, we will always go that extra mile and search the market for potential buyers too. The buyers we are in contact with are established restaurant chains looking to expand and start-ups who are looking to grow. We are well placed to introduce you and help you sell your restaurant successfully.


Need help selling a restaurant?

Our leisure team specialises in buying and selling restaurants across London, including central areas such as Soho, Tottenham Court Road and Covent Garden.


You may be looking to sell your restaurant to free up capital elsewhere, change your business model or because you are looking to retire. If your business is booming, this could be a good opportunity to capitalise and sell the restaurant whilst it is profitable.


CDG can help sell your restaurant and guide you through the sales process in the smoothest way possible.


We can assist with:


  • Valuing the restaurant business
  • Finding potential buyers
  • Negotiating the best terms
  • Closing the sale
  • Legal and financials


Our approach

Our philosophy is deeply rooted in acting with integrity, professionally and in the customer’s best interests. We are determined to help you sell a restaurant to a legitimate buyer and at a price that suits you.


We pride ourselves on being an innovative strategic partner when it comes to structuring deals to ensure that all stakeholders are happy, including the investors and managers.


To make an enquiry about selling a restaurant, contact us today.