1. Location, location, location – Without a great first site no investor will back you for a second.


2. Speed of service is essential - Many concepts which claim to be fast food simply aren’t by the length of time they take to serve customers. If the food isn’t ready within 4 minutes it simply isn’t fast food.


3. Food margin cannot be above 25%


4. Wages cannot be above 30%


5. Rent and rates combined cannot be above 17% of turnover


6. Every Staff member must be passionate about your product – great service is essential to building a brand.


7. The quality of product must be consistent - In a world where you are competing with super brands like KFC, McDonalds and Subway, if you want to be in the fast food world you must be standout in terms of quality of product. Honest Burger have done a great job of this.


8. People associate fast food with good value - this is essential for any fast food operator ensuring that value for money perception.


9. The premises must be immaculate – messy and dirty units quickly get noticed and kill customer loyalty.


10. Branding needs to look impressive and attractive

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