If you are an agent and about to read this transcript I’m sure this will strike a chord and maybe raise a smile.

(Phone Rings)

Agent: Good morning how can I help you?

Caller: I’m looking for a restaurant to buy.

Agent: Well you have come to the right place – where abouts are you looking?

Caller: Anywhere busy.

Agent: Ok, so on a high street with passing trade. Where abouts?

Caller: Anywhere that’s good.

Agent: OK. London, Brighton, Scotland, Manchester, Birmingham.......?

Caller: No. Anywhere in London.

Agent: London is also a big place! North, South, East, West or Central?

Caller: Anywhere that’s busy.

Agent: OK. What is your rent budget and/or premium budget?

Caller: Depends on the site.

Agent: OK. So how about a site in W1; lots of passing trade; rent is £80,000pax and the premium is £250,000?

Caller: – No. that’s too much............


I think you are all getting the gist of how this conversation is going i.e. a complete waste of time and straight to the bin!


If you are looking to buy a restaurant, whether it’s your first one or your tenth one – please, please, oh pretty please have an idea about what and where you want the premises. Help us to help you and make something like finding a restaurant – which is already a difficult task – a little easier. We love selling restaurants and we love dealing with people who know what they want as this makes the search a more enjoyable process.


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