Our sister company Cedar Dean Commercial is battling against the lack of urgency shown by the sector when delivering new leasing arrangements.


For decades now, agents and surveyors have been complaining about solicitors because they are incredibly slow and because they fail to share the same interest in closing a deal. This lack of urgency seems to have rubbed off on surveyors of late affecting the length of time it takes to complete rent reviews, lease renewals and the re-gearing of leases.


We are currently stuck in a commercial property market that has become infested with individuals who lack the drive to conclude new leasing arrangements.


Whilst there are some companies who are motivated to help their clients possess an up-to-date leasing schedule – companies like Cedar Dean are certainly in the minority. Cedar Dean is now working on what we call our 'Fast Track Leasing’ approach, whereby we work hand-in-glove with mainly businesses and tenants who urgently require lease renewals, re-gearings, lease surrenders or rent reductions in a timely manner.


What does this mean?


This means rather than taking on an on-going mandate for many years the best way to look at this is to come in for an initial period of six months, get the leasing portfolio completely up-to-date then the company can plan for the future without being left with this constant back-log on a leasing basis.


I think this service could help me and my business.


If you want to know more on how we can help your business, get your leasing portfolio up-to-date and get the most out of it and really see benefits from your portfolio that can generally help your business then I urge you give our Commercial Director, Aman Parmar, a call to see how we can really help your business.

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