As I look out of the window of our new office on the corner of Bateman Street and Frith Street, the view - and the opportunities, look very different from that of our previous office. We have said for many years that Soho is the centre of innovation for the UK restaurant revolution and to be based in the heart of it is a real paradigm shift for the Cedar Dean Group of companies.


As our Group enters the next phase of its growth, exciting times are ahead. We are becoming more aligned with our clients than ever before and are really taking them on a journey where we can make a positive difference and we are delighted to be so accessible now we are based in Soho.


The last few months have been taken up with the design of the new space and we wanted to create something which was in line with the operators we service and the market that we innovate in.


Designing our premises was a real eye opener, giving me a glimpse of how much bar and restaurant operators go through when creating the right environment for their brand. As we know, in today’s market the food and the service is only one part the magic; the ambiance and environment is also key. We hope that we have created something truly special in our environment that will allow our team and clients to feel comfortable, a space in which we can maximize ability to assist and advise more companies in their growth.


We would be delighted to have a coffee with you in our new home whenever you fancy a chat and to give you a tour.


David Abramson
CEO Cedar Dean Group


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