In the current era of business, the term “company values” has become a common term, almost synonymous with mission statements and office culture.


Businesses operate either strategically or tactically, with the majority being run tactically, prioritising profit ahead of relationships or team members.  They focus on doing the next best thing, to keep the business moving forward rather than having a vision or a plan propped by an integrated set of values or principles. A few years ago, we made the choice to become a strategic business driven by a core set of values.


But what are values?


The Oxford Dictionary defines values as “principles or standards of behaviour; one's judgement of what is important in life”.


The values at the core of the Cedar Dean Group are; Integrity, Professionalism, Innovation and an attitude which is Results Focused yet Charitable; being measured both internally and by professional feedback.


Our values are not confined within the realm of our daily working lives, but overflow beyond the professional environment too.


Defining a set of core principles can be an incredibly valuable tool for businesses, encouraging growth both in terms of financial success and office culture.


Sometimes, implementing and living a code of values can initially cause some conflict, both at work and in our personal lives, as we iron out the thought and behavioural patterns that no longer serve us. Having said that, as we gradually become a living example of what we believe in, we tend to gain respect from those around us and gain the power to exert a positive influence in the environments we are in.


Whilst this is by no means easy at all, and we will undoubtedly encounter humps and bumps along the way, this approach to the company values certainly seems worthwhile, especially to achieve a professional and personal life which is successful, fulfilling and balanced. (Who doesn’t want that!)


Furthermore, it is also important to remember that as we don’t always possess the “perfect” behaviour or answers, sometimes we have to be realistic in our expectations and make the best of a situation. As long as our attitude is one of learning and personal growth, we will become better equipped to handle the challenging situations which can get thrown our way at work.


In our experience, the real advantage is that our set of principles become woven into our DNA, serving as a holistic compass that aid us in all circumstances of decision making, be it professional or personal.  We end up creating a workforce of harmonious teams, thriving client and business relationships, providing a win-win situation for everyone involved...



Wishing everyone a happy holiday season and New Year!



David Abramson


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