Let’s be honest, our sector is not being hit with the best news at the moment with Brexit, rent /rate increases and increased competition. However, a bit like London cabbies who have been telling everybody for 30 years that ‘the game’s over’, there are many London operators who are having very stable and successful trading.


These include Mayfair and Knightsbridge operators who you would have thought may have been hit by some down turn, but operators that I am close to have told me that they have seen some tremendous trading over the Summer, so it is a bit like with the London cabbies as there are no benefits in operators telling you how good business is.


The reality is that it is time for operators to stop the pity party and get on with the back to basics business of great food, great service and a great value. 


Operators that are scared and are not willing to invest will see the demise of their brands and businesses. As kids start to return back to school and people return from holiday I think it is time for some genuine old fashioned British spirit; for us to try to increase the positivity, stop listening to the nonsense in the papers and get on with doing business. The reality is with a weak pound, investment into the UK has never looked better and from a stability point of view our legal system is a very safe place for foreign investment, meaning that now is a great time for entrepreneurs and innovators who actually want to showcase and develop great businesses. 


Welcome back and wishing you all a great Autumn.

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