Lease Disposals

A lease disposal refers to selling or surrendering your property lease during its term. If you are operating a commercial property and paying high rents, you may wish to stop at some point to help maintain a better cash flow.

There is a common misconception that you cannot change your lease whilst it is running, however, our team at CDG Leisure are on hand to help you with lease disposals so that you potentially surrender your lease, sell your lease or renegotiate under better terms for your business. See also lease restructuring.

Based in the centre of London, we have operated with numerous Leisure properties, landlords and buyers over the years and built up a reputation as a professional company to work with. We are passionate about helping tenants save money on their rent and increase the bottom line for their business.

When would I use a Lease Disposal?

There are several scenarios where a lease disposal could be used. Perhaps the company is changing hands or relocating elsewhere; this is a prime opportunity to do a lease disposal, rather than continue to pay high monthly rents. It could be that the partners in the business are changing and therefore no longer need to use the full premises or at all.

There may be a situation that a tenant would want to take advantage of a strong market and therefore sell their lease at a high premium.

For several companies that use lease disposals, the case could be they cannot afford to pay the rent or that the company is downsizing. This is very common for the changing nature of today’s businesses – but rather than pay this level of rent, you can look at a rent free period or a lease extension to provide greater flexibility and financial freedom for the company.

What are the benefits of Lease Disposals?

The main advantage of a lease disposal is that it allows you to save money where you need it. Your business does not need to be tied down to expensive overheads and if your company is going through a transition, saving money on your lease by selling the liability on could be vital. 

Especially if you are closing down a business or relocating, it is practical to end your lease agreement and recover any necessary costs.

Lease disposals also give you flexibility and breathing space to ensure that you are not tied down to one contract until the end of the term agreed.

How CDG Leisure Help

Our in-house team is dedicated to helping you do what it is best for your business. CDG Leisure prides itself on integrity and delivering results through a use of innovative and strategic methods. With strong relationships with numerous landlords and buyers that have been built up over time, we are in a great position to help with your lease disposal.


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